Wood: Interior Inspirations – Guest Post by ArcadianHome

Interior Inspiration: Wood

Hello, everyone! I’m Mari, here with a guest post from Arcadian Home blog, a great place to find interior design inspiration for everything from beautiful mini pendant lights to warm and cozy rugs for the floor.

Today’s guest post is all about wood and it’s eye-catching impact on interior spaces. From the living room to the dining room, kitchen and bedroom, we’re going to take a visual tour of beautiful rooms made more visually interesting by wood. Please enjoy!

Thanks for letting me stop by to visit for a few minutes.

~ Mari

Wood in Decor

What an amazing sofa this is surely a conversation starter. This living room with rustic beams exposed is filled with great furniture and a most intriguing owl portrait.

Wood in Decor

Wood as sculpture, that’s what this room offers. The floor to ceiling column is made of small strips of unfinished wood that add beautiful natural texture to the sleek white space. Mid Century furnishings are a perfect design choice for this open living space.

Wood in Decor

Black on black is beautiful but a black kitchen is unexpected, and fabulous ,when a massive slab of reclaimed tree trunk is used to create a stunning table/breakfast bar. Modern pendant lights in black contrast beautifully with the organic look of the table, as do black Eames side chairs.

Wood in Decor

Unfinished wood makes for a beautiful feature wall above a tufted leather headboard that stretches from wall to wall. What beautiful texture and color on the fringed throw.

Wood in Decor

Ancient wood beams were left exposed when this home was restored. The custom bed is a more modern look in wood. What a lovely mix of old and new.

Wood in Decor

Pale wood envelopes this sleek stainless steel kitchen from floor to ceiling. Donít you love the joined corners and built-in open storage? And, no window frames to mar the view, just one massive piece of glass.

Wood in Decor

A sleek thin wood tabletop provides a resting place for iconic Eames house birds in this pristine white dining room. Doesnít the space look even more beautiful with the addition of a metal and glass pendant light?

Wood in Decor

Once more wood stars in the form of a dining table. This time both the top and base have been created from amazing reclaimed wood. Modern meets rustic with the addition of Eames stackable chairs and an awesome Arc light in brushed metal. Images 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8

What do you think of these wooden inspirations? Leave a few comments below and be sure to stop by our blog for more inspirations in home decor and pendant lighting!

Blackboads and blackboard walls

Since I was little, I always loved drawing on the walls. Why not allowed all home mates to do so? Transform one of your walls into a large creative space. Draw and write whatever you need: organize your time or leave a message to your mates.

0889f9f1e88690870527ce8f2b955586 1948767d207764db_SFDAB3696C63428475BA6D7D3104BCE09A3_1024x.preview blackboard wall in dining room via velvetpalette.wordpress.com blackboard-writing-wall chalk05 creative-interior-design-blackboard-paint kitchen-blackboard tumblr_mqupn89aPS1r6kaa9o1_500

If converting the whole wall is to extreme, you can buy one of my whale blackboards or a whole family of them: Mummy Whale, Daddy Whale and Baby Whale. For more details visit Products Page.


Colourful details

Just one coloured detail can change a whole interior. A yellow pillow or a red carpet makes the home way more happy and fresh. You can play with juice colours, fabrics and textures, but remember the secret lies in moderation. To keep your space calm and under control, you should never allow the playful details dominate the interior.

image image image image