Lund & Paarmann is all about testing new ideas. There is no space for compromise function, comfort or quality. And new idea behind every piece. I am in love with the troll chair, which is ‘inspired by fantasy-books, Dumbledore, Trolls and cold winter days. Big enough to curl up with a good book, comfortable for socializing with a nice cup of tea. The quality is the very best and the materials are Icelandic sheepskin, full grain saddle leather and oak.’
armor chair front x spv messy sort tøj skåret moons

Troll Chair – one day will me mine 🙂 trold bag trold side sp


NOMA Restaurant in Copenhagen

Let’s stick with fur subject. The world’s best restaurant Noma in Denmark is full of them. The interior reflects local culture and landscape.
Enjoy your meal of perfect balanced interior design:)

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