The stool with a storage upholstered with real sheepskin.

Set of 3 blackboards.

O-LINE  rope pouf


Large recycled inner tube pouf. The rope can be dyed in any colour.

O-LINE stool


The stool made of small inner tube and cotton rope.

AVISO chair


The AVISO chair is finished with recycled news paper and is designed to store  small essentials like laptop or tools.

NYTTLIV  fish tank



A XVI Century Queen Anne Display Cabinet inspires this exclusive piece of furniture. Nyttliv has been created with revived design and functionality, to literally breathe new life into this old fashion piece, originally designed to expose porcelain.
Identical sides of this space-dominating piece of furniture allow the viewer to admire it from every angle and explore all the intricacies of sea life.




For prices and details please contact me via email:

more products coming soon..

4 thoughts on “Products

  1. Would it be possible for us to buy your rope pouf? We live in Stavanger, Norway. Please give us a response per e-mail. Regards, Ottar Rekdal & Angela Ebbesen

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