Blackboads and blackboard walls

Since I was little, I always loved drawing on the walls. Why not allowed all home mates to do so? Transform one of your walls into a large creative space. Draw and write whatever you need: organize your time or leave a message to your mates.

0889f9f1e88690870527ce8f2b955586 1948767d207764db_SFDAB3696C63428475BA6D7D3104BCE09A3_1024x.preview blackboard wall in dining room via blackboard-writing-wall chalk05 creative-interior-design-blackboard-paint kitchen-blackboard tumblr_mqupn89aPS1r6kaa9o1_500

If converting the whole wall is to extreme, you can buy one of my whale blackboards or a whole family of them: Mummy Whale, Daddy Whale and Baby Whale. For more details visit Products Page.