We keep looking for new inspirations…

… so we direct our sight up to the North once again.1-483x645 9. biały przedpokój 1268_wystroj_wazienki_-_drewno_-_zdjecie_wazienki_-_aranzacja_wnetrza__5449 286541595010953126_57lVjqC4_f biala_podloga3 biala_podloga4 Black-and-white-home-by-interior-stylist-Susanna-Vento-3 cia-wedin-swedish-interior-stylist-white-wood httpmyscandinavianhome.blogspot.com-1-6 industrialna_kuchnia_wnętrza_kokopelia_1 industrialna_kuchnia_wnętrza_kokopelia_10



Lund & Paarmann is all about testing new ideas. There is no space for compromise function, comfort or quality. And new idea behind every piece. I am in love with the troll chair, which is ‘inspired by fantasy-books, Dumbledore, Trolls and cold winter days. Big enough to curl up with a good book, comfortable for socializing with a nice cup of tea. The quality is the very best and the materials are Icelandic sheepskin, full grain saddle leather and oak.’
armor chair front x spv messy sort tøj skåret moons

Troll Chair – one day will me mine 🙂 trold bag trold side sp